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How can I start an online business?

Get a Website, Customize it, Manage shipping and Payments,
List products and start selling online!

We have a plan that gives you everything that you will need to start your own "Online Store". It is the quite easy and most affordable Online E-Commerce Store available today. We give you blank shopping cart with ability to add products through admin panel, you can list any of your products. You can add your products in HTML pages with full access even you can add/remove/modify any product any time. You will be responsible to list, maintain and update product inventory, promote your website and collect orders and deliver all orders in time to your relative customers. Orders will come directly to you from your own Online Store.

The instant orders are placed they are automatically updated to paid status once your customer completes payment process. You can view orders & their status by logging in to admin control panel. When a customer places an order you will be notified via email. We recommend that you collect and verify funds from your customer before processing the orders and supplying the goods.

Payment options to consider

In order to accept credit cards on your online shopping store, you need a merchant account. You may use an existing merchant account that you may have and process credit cards manually through your credit card terminal or you may use an existing online merchant account with one of the card authorization agents to process credit cards live over the net.

However following Payment gateway can be configured to process credit cards on your shopping cart, if you like to accept credit card you need to open account to accept credit card online from any of the following:

You can also accept payment through PayPal but you and your customer must both be members of PayPal. Your customers pay you direct (merchant account, PayPal is necessary).

Once order is confirmed on your website then ship product to your customer from your warehouse with your name or company name on the box. Customers can add any product in the shopping cart and buy with PayPal/credit card payment buttons.

Benefits of having an online store

  • The costs of starting an online store is much lower as compared to physical store.

  • With an online store you are open to market always and you can target a large number of customers.

  • You are available to your customers anywhere anytime throughout the world.

  • The best thing about online store is that you can keep eye on consumer’s buying behavior.

  • You can satisfy their needs with their changing interests.

  • An online store helps boost your brand awareness in the market.

  • You can decrease your infrastructure cost, operational costs and travel costs as well.

You may visit eXperts website portfolio to understand the effectiveness of website for your business.

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