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Our Simple Process

We design the vision, let our simple but creative process work for you.


At Xperts, we believe in providing high end ROI for our customers. We aim to provide better customer service with smoother and well defined execution process coupled with transparency at each level of the project execution. We do not compromise cost over quality and meet the customer goals and expectations.
  • Since the inception we have in-house Research Team which continuously develops knowledge base for our design and development team.Since the inception we have in-house Research Team which continuously develops knowledge base for our design and development team.
  • We have been always improving our project management processes by training our management team with Industry best practices and implementing the same.
  • We review and analyse each project with great insight and define the workflow to handle any deviation or budget constraint.
  • We have developed systems such as "Xperts Issues and Support Management System" which provides faster response and quick turnaround for any requirements or issues client have.

Analysing the Requirements Accurately

In Xperts, A stands for being Accurate. We pay special attention to requirements and minute details provided by clients. This assures that we deliver client expectations. We keep below descriptions while understanding client requirements:

  • Business requirements and Vision
  • Product requirements
  • Functionality for each module
  • Use cases for each module

Unified Project Management

Every client has a "Special Point of Contact" at Xperts who is well versed with Project Management and technical understanding of Xperts Team. From the beginning project manager is ought to analyse and consult the client for best possible solution to any need. Some of the key responsibilities involved for each project managers are Project Planning, Resource Planning, Team Management, Risk Mitigation, and reporting the status of any task or project to client on daily basis. All of the Projects are under the observation of Production Manager at Xperts.

We follow Scrum and Agile Project Management techniques for individual projects.

Development Phase

After analysing the requirement and creating the work breakdown structure for each project and defining the plan of action, we begin the development for our web development or mobile application development project. In this phase, each application is divided in to modules and that is based on the work breakdown structure confirmed by client. This phase includes below key steps which are as follows:
  • We define attributes like data variables, coding methods and entities are defined which are used during project management.
  • Typically each application is having Backend and Frontend portion which are coded simultaneously.
  • We carry out data entry operation for backend manually using predefined data identified specifically for testing purpose that looks real.
  • Once all the modules are coded, our dedicated system integrators work on them and finalizes the final application which followed by QA and Testing phase.

Monitoring Scope Revisions and Change Requests

It is practically impossible to control the scope of work for medium to large size projects in today's dynamic IT Industry. Hence, rather than controlling it we monitor it on periodic basis using predefined processes and documentation at each change request we receive from our clients. Every project manager has to create a "Change Request Authorization" document and approve it from client so that we maintain the transparency with our partners and clients. This document includes the detail information about the change in scope and whether it will be accommodated with/without addition cost to client.

Quality Standards and Monitoring

Xperts has its own dedicated quality department which is know is "TesterZone", this department is independent to development team and does the quality check for each individual web and mobile application we develop from start to finish. It allows us improving resource allocation which in turn affects the project costs.

Xperts constantly advances its methodology to meet customer requirements through accelerated development plans and high-quality outcomes.

Putting Application live and Deployment

We believe in closely working with the environment of the server where application is going to be hosted at the end of the development and hence from the beginning of the project we get the prerequisites correct according to the live environment of the server. We have various servers which are configured according to best industry practice by major hosting providers.

We setup the configuration of the application on server and put it on live mode. Before making the application live we do a final check based on pre-set checklist developed by the project manager. We also do a performance and stability check for the application once it goes live and if there is any issue arise then the whole QA process is followed to after the resolution of the issue.

System Training for Clients

We understand the dynamism of the current industry that have various learning and knowledge, stake holder decisions methods compared to legacy ways of decisions. The current trend is the flexible Agile methodologies which suits business perfectly. Client seeks consultative approach from their vendors and solution to their needs. This initiates the increase in training and knowledge sharing with clients for their daily needs.

The training involves group work, Agile myths breaking session, examination of all roles, concepts, and documents used in Scrum, risks and issues. Attendees learn how to implement stand-up meetings, set goals, assess scope and work in short iterations, collect data from the team, raise idea gathering, and more.

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