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How my site can be listed on Yahoo, Google, MSN etc?

The Listing 

If you are serious about driving traffic to your site, you must get your link out to as many websites as possible. One of the best way is to submit your site to the thousands of search engines and directories listing on the net. However, special attention will need to be taken on the top 10 search engines. The top ones are the ones that would need special attention and you can do so by manually filling in their form.

All the different search engines and directories have different methods of listing the submitted site.

For example, some list by keywords, some lists alphabetically, some lists by the URL (web address), some lists by the meta tag (hidden keywords embedded in the codes of your website), and many will list by using the site's description.

When using these submission services, you'll be submitting your site blindly, without considering the position / ranking your site will be in. It is better for you to submit manually as you can personally tailor your submission for each search engine.

For example, uses alphabetical listings... so, you might name your site appropriately to get good listings. uses keywords. So, it'll be wise to go all out in the keyword submission in it's forms. So now do you see what you are missing by using these submission services?

Survey shows more than 85% of internet users are using the top search engines & directories in the world. These include:
Alta Vista 
Ask Jeeves

So, we suggest that you put in extra effort into submitting to those search engines and directories. And try to make your site get good listings there. You can look at the FAQ of each search engines to see what are the engines are actually looking for to get high listings.

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